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Three-dimensional Scan

From the art world to the restoration one, from the public to the private, through the objects, casts and models replica … the areas where to use the three-dimensional scan are countless. Piero Zanella srl ​​has always researched for the latest technologies to achieve Customer’s projects, for instance: Altar of the Basilica of Gallarate, Alexander […]

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Indoor coatings

Piero Zanella srl offers its own customers a competent and flexible service, spanning from projects for general contractors to the warm and intimate atmosphere of your own house.

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Outdoor Coatings

We use selected and certified materials from all over the world; these materials are worked and assembled with the maximum attention to quality and to the care of particulars.

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The inlay technique has ancient origins and we still use it nowadays to create a juxtaposition of polychrome stones. The drawing is put on executive filing cabinets by our technical office, then we transform the raw material and we give new forms to it thanks to specialized workforce and to latest generation machineries. The result […]

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Bespoke Elements

Starting from an idea or a drawing, we can and we know how to advise our customer with effective and spectacular solutions. We realize architectural elements on request that represent “one-of-a-kind” for our customers.

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Interior Design

Simple but fundamental values ​​dictate the execution of each project: extreme care in the workmanship, maximum attention to quality and dedication and passion in the perfect state of the art.

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Natural stone has the prerogative of “live and grow” with you in your house or in your working place…no matter where it is used it gives a special atmosphere and elegance to the surrounding environment.

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