University campus, destined to become a tourist and cultural destination was inaugurated in 2014, is located near the famous bridge on the Drina River. It was made using the marbles of the Renaissance Collection: Perlato Angelico, Rosso Mantegna, Blu Masaccio, Ombra di Caravaggio.

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Film Archive & Preservation Center

This building, built according to the canons of classical architecture, is used for the storage and the repair of the Hollywood and international films. The realization of the structural columns and the entablatures has involved all of our technical staff that, together with the production staff, has given an excellent project answer.

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Alexander The Great’s Fountain

The national monument dedicated to Alexander the Great is located in Skopje. The fountain consists of a staircase, a basin of sixty meters in diameter and a central column of twenty meters height covered with three studded rings in Bianco Carrara of four meters in diameter. Worked with experienced craftsmen and state-of-the-art machinery, this monument […]

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Microsoft West Campus

Microsoft West Campus was covering in ashlar Perlato Angelico and Rosso Mantegna which are suitable marbles for inside and outside applications. Thus a wall in live stone is recreated, giving a pleasant sensation to the touch and producing games of lights and shades if enlightened.

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Empire State Building

Empire State Building’s interior wall cladding of new lifts booths of the famous skyscraper symbol of New York, made in Fior di Pesco and Rosso Levanto, bookmatch worked, applied on honeycomb panels.

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Time Warner Center

The Time Warner Center, with its 755 feet-high towers, stands out over Columbus Circle in New York. For this project was selected Black Granite then installed on the main facade, it was shaped in curve with traversed elements with CN machines. The Black Granite has been chosen for this project and has been shaped in […]

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Omni Hotels & Resorts

The Financial Center Building, built in 1927, was the subject of a great restoration project. The Building, which usually housed offices, has been transformed into a luxury hotel in the financial center of the city.  

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Paris Las Vegas

The inlay technique is widely used to realize the lobby and lounge bar floors, and it gives elegance and colour to the surrounding environment, thanks to the selection of polychrome marbles that has been wisely worked to measure for a result with a great effect.

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Altar Restore of Santa Devota

The talent of the italian craftsmanship has been fundamental in replying the details of the work in stone. We used laser scanners, CN machines and manual skills for final finishing. The complexity of the project has requested a deep knowledge of our craft, putting all staff’s expertise at full disposal of the prestigious customer.

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90 Hudson Street

The lobby of this building, which overlooks the Hudson riverside, is made with marble Verde Guatemala and inlays with marble Bianco Thassos.

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